About Bupa

bupa healthBupa is an international healthcare organisation that has been operating in the United Kingdom since 1947. The company now boasts more than 10 million private health insurance customers in over 200 different countries and offers one of the most extensive ranges of medical cover in the current marketplace. A full complement of private health insurance policies are available, and Bupa support these features with a series of health plans, dental protection programs and preferential deals for members of HM Forces and the Ministry of Defence.

Extensive Private Health Insurance Features

Bupa provide private health insurance options that bypass typical NHS waiting times while offering superior levels of care. All Bupa health plans entitle policyholders to prompt treatment from quality consultant and specialists and extensive private cancer cover is an additional inclusion. The claims service with Bupa is hassle-free and customers have access to a large number of recognised hospitals and treatment centres that are clean, comfortable and conveniently located to keep patients within easy reach of friends and families. Policyholders can also enjoy the privilege of accessing breakthrough drugs and eligible treatments, and a 24-hour health line is available to offer ongoing support and medical guidance.

Private Health Insurance Plans

The Health Care Select One Plan incorporates all of the benefits associated with typical Bupa coverage, and also contains provisions for psychiatric treatment, complementary outpatient treatment, consultations before and after treatment and access to an additional range of private hospitals. Outpatient treatment is omitted from the Health Care Select Two Plan.

The Health Care Select Three and Four Plans see coverage reduced as premiums come down, but even the basic package affords complete peace of mind for policyholders who prefer the benefits of private treatment to NHS alternatives. Bupa also provide a Heart and Cancer Plan which is the only one of it’s kind in the current UK marketplace. The Heart and Cancer Plan is a full package that includes consultations, treatments and aftercare.

Bupa Health Cash Plans

Bupa Health Cash Plans give policyholders the opportunity to claim back up to 100% of the costs incurred from optical, dental and physiotherapy treatments. Once the policyholder has paid for their respective treatment, a simple claims form is completed and Bupa will refund the cost up to the maximum limit specified within the terms and conditions of the plan itself as long as a receipt is provided. Different levels of coverage are available to include partners and dependents, there is no increase in premium if a claim is made and low monthly payments allow the cost of a policy to be spread out more effectively.

HM Forces and Ministry of Defence

Special private health insurance terms are available for members of Her Majesty’s Forces and the Ministry of Defence. A discount of 47% is applied on individual policies and preferential rates are also available on dental plans which extend to spouses and children.

Additional Website Features

Bupa boast a detailed range of health and wellbeing features including a free fitness application that can be used on a full complement of Apple devices. Care services are also available throughout 300 different homes across the United Kingdom and self-pay medical treatments are included to incorporate dental procedures, cosmetic treatments and sports physiotherapy.

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