About Simplyhealth

simplyhealthHaving traded under multiple names in the past, including HSA, Heathsure and Medisure, Simplyhealth have 139 years of experience in providing affordable healthcare and outstanding customer service. The company currently serve more than 2 million individual customers and 11,000 company clients. Simplyhealth enjoy an excellent reputation for investing profits into community support activities. In 2010, the company donated £1.6 million to local charities and health-related organisations.

Simplyhealth Plans

Simplyhealth provides two different types of coverage that are distributed over four different plans. Cash plans are available for individual and corporate clients and are used to claim money back on day-to-day healthcare including dentistry, ophthalmology and physiotherapy, while health insurance plans offer protection against unforeseen medical circumstances.

Simply Cash Plans – Starting at £9.75 per month, the Simply Cash Plan gives customers the opportunity to reclaim money spent on dental, optical and healthcare treatment.

Simply Cash Plan 70+ – The Simply Cash Plan 70+ option is specifically designed for individuals over 70 years of age, and gives customers a chance to reclaim money on expensive treatments and procedures that affect those in the later years of life. Costs begin at £9.95 per month.

Simply Private Health Insurance – Simplyhealth offer a wide range of flexible private health insurance coverage options that can be tailored to meet the demands of individual and business clients.

Individual Customers

Simplyhealth utilise their cash and private health insurance plans at a level which provides an optimal number of benefits for individual customers. For improved security, site registration is required for online quotes and policy management, but Simplyhealth also provide coverage through non-automated telephone support centres that can be called without charge from all UK landlines.

When a claim is made on any of the Simplyhealth plans, the company assigns a personal contact to help achieve a faster, customer-friendly resolution. In most cases, settlements are paid into client bank accounts within a few working days.

Business and Corporate Customers

Simplyhealth extend their range of cash and private health insurance plans to business and corporate clients, and these can be implemented in a number of different ways. Monthly payments can be deducted from employee salaries or companies can reserve the right to cover the cost of policies themselves. For larger businesses where the needs of staff are more varied, healthcare plans can be individually tailored to ensure uniform coverage.

By registering with Simplyhealth, business and corporate customers have access to a wide range of tools that help to monitor absenteeism, manage Duty of Care responsibilities and assist in recruitment and retention planning.


Simplyhealth act as private health insurance intermediaries for brokers and private healthcare companies, and are able to offer an extensive list of coverage options for up to 5,000 individuals at a time. Self-funded health plans provide a bespoke solution that provides manageable healthcare costs and improved coverage flexibility.

Current Promotions

Simplyhealth are currently offering promotional deals on the following coverage options:

  • Simply Cash Plan – 1 month of free coverage
  • Simply Dental Plan – 2 months of free coverage
  • Simply Private Health Insurance – 1 month of free coverage

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