About Tesco Health Insurance

tesco health insurance logoTesco Bank provides simple, affordable and flexible private health insurance for policyholders and their families. Health insurance is another branch on the perpetually growing Tesco tree, and cover is provided in association with AXA PPP healthcare. Tesco Bank was awarded Best Private Medical Insurance Provider at the 2010 ‘Your Money’ awards.

Key Benefits

Tesco Bank provides a range of key benefits on all adult and child plans:

  • No medical required on any policy purchases
  • Fast access to private medical treatment
  • Private treatment available in more than 250 quality-assessed hospitals
  • Simple application forms with no awkward questions
  • Appointment and treatment times arranged to suit the lifestyle commitments of the policyholder
  • Medical fees paid directly to the hospital administering treatment
  • 24-hour ’Health at Hand’ medical helpline available

Tesco Health Cover for You

Tesco Bank provides detailed cover that begins with provisions for most types of procedural or operational treatments. Private health insurance policies cover surgery costs, treatment costs, overnight stays, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a full range of in-patient and out-patient scanning procedures.

Policies can be enhanced by purchasing additional options. There is no option to purchase additional cover, and all policyholder reserve the right to purchase both forms of enhanced protection:

  • Option One – Option One gives preferential access for consultations and testing and covers all specialist fees. Combined cover limit is set at £1,000 per year, which equates to approximately six referrals
  • Option Two – Option Two also has a combined cover limit of £1,000 per year, and includes physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathy treatments

Exclusions are in place for pre-existing conditions, recurrent health problems and the treatment of long-term illnesses. Monthly premiums can be reduced by adding a 6-week option. This automatically provides policyholders with a private alternative if the NHS cannot provide treatment within 6 weeks of a scheduled date.

Health Cover for Children

As a supplement to private health insurance plans for adults, Tesco Bank also provides a comprehensive solution for your loved ones. The Tesco Child Health Plan is available for £9.99 per month, and this figure falls by £1 per child if two or more family members are registered. The benefits to the plan can provide perfect peace of mind for parents:

  • No waiting for consultations. Your child will see a GP and be instantly referred for further diagnosis
  • Children are able to receive private health care straight away if a consultant decides that further treatment is necessary
  • Treatments available at private hospitals or NHS hospitals with private wards
  • Parental accommodation costs paid in full for one child under the age of 14
  • Full access to the ‘Health at Hand’ 24-hour telephone helpline

Tesco Rewards

Tesco Bank offers a series of rewards for policyholders that tie in with their Clubcard and gift card programs. Refer a friend to Tesco Bank private health insurance, and you’ll be able to choose from a £30 gift card or 1,000 points credited to your Clubcard account
What’s more, Tesco Bank will reward you when you take out a policy for yourself or your children. Successful applicants will receive a £40 gift card, and telephone applications are currently subject to further exclusive offers.

The health insurance market in this country is huge. Choosing the right health insurance policy for your needs can be quite confusing and can cost you a lot of time.

Let us do the hard work for you – simply complete the form and we will immediately compare Tesco Health Insurance with the UK health insurance market to find the best quote suitable for your own personal needs.

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