Factors That Affect Health Insurance Costs

The private health insurance marketplace offers a viable alternative to standard NHS treatment. Policyholders enjoy the luxury of shorter waiting times for medical treatment, a wider range of private wards or clinics to choose from and a higher quality of care because of the lower levels of patient turnover. Many UK residents choose to ignore the benefits of private health insurance because they automatically assume it is going to be too expensive. By developing a better understanding of the factors that insurance providers use when underwriting a policy, a cheaper deal can usually be assured.

Age and Gender

Age and gender are two of the biggest factors that private health insurance companies evaluate before determining the price of a policy. Premiums will be significantly lower for a middle-aged female than they will be for a male of retirement age. The reasons for this are twofold and obviously, the chronological age will be of importance. However, a male and female of the same ages would still see the male attracting a higher premium because, statistically, females in most developed countries outlive their male counterparts by more than four years.


Private health insurance health evaluations are usually established through a questionnaire or medical examination. Individual results are compared with personal medical histories and the medical histories of other family members. This process gives insurance providers the chance to forecast any potential health problems of a hereditary nature, such as heart disease or diabetes, when they underwrite a policy. By building an accurate profile of personal wellbeing, private health insurance companies can minimise the level of risk they assume.


Personal lifestyles are cautiously analysed by private health insurance providers and premiums can increase significantly if the applicant is a smoker, consumes a higher-than-average amount of alcohol, uses recreational drugs or indulges in any form of activity that might be detrimental to their personal welfare. Although an active, healthy lifestyle will undoubtedly keep private health insurance costs to a minimum, individuals who participate in contact or extreme sports will be considered higher risks.


The price of a private health insurance policy can soar if the applicant works in a potentially dangerous job. Emergency service employees, especially police officers and firefighters, attract higher premiums because of the volatile nature of their work. Accountants and office staff, who only pose a relatively small risk to insurance companies, tend to benefit from preferential rates. Fortunately, many workers in perceived high-risk jobs benefit from free private health insurance through their place of employment.

Policy Types

As with any other form of insurance, private health coverage becomes more cost-effective if individual policies are bundled together under the banner of the single company. Applicants can save money on individual private health insurance if policies for other family members are taken out at the same time. Many employers incorporate private health insurance policies into work packages to help staff benefit from the cheaper premiums associated with group plans.

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