Health Insurance Benefits

benefits of health insuranceMore than seven million UK residents have taken advantage of private health insurance as a means of guaranteeing superior healthcare. Although the National Health Service (NHS) continues to offer respectable levels of medical attention, waiting times for treatment and surgical procedures have increased significantly. Figures released in August 2010 saw waiting times for hospital admissions average 8.3 weeks, while non-admitted patients had to wait an average of 4.4 weeks for treatment.

Rather than providing an alternative to NHS treatment, private health insurance is used as a supplementary medical option, and policyholders enjoy the security of knowing that treatment will always be available without the anxiety of extensive waiting times. Although private health insurance premiums have to be paid on top of standard national insurance contributions, policyholders can enjoy a number of extensive benefits that are frequently unavailable with NHS healthcare.

  • Private health insurance plans allow policyholders to receive treatment at the hospital or clinic of their choice
  • Patients can arrange appointments on specified dates and forego the frustration of NHS waiting times
  • Policyholders enjoy the luxury of care in private clinics or NHS wards that are clean, comfortable and fitted with satellite television and en-suite bathrooms
  • Standards of cleanliness are usually much higher in private wards and clinics, and this reduces the risk of contracting further illnesses and infections from superbugs
  • Patient turnover is much lower, so private health insurance customers enjoy superior levels of care
  • Instead of having to deal with multiple consultants, policyholder are placed under the care of a single trained professional throughout the duration of their treatment

Put premiums aside, and the true value of private health insurance is suddenly much easier to consider. However, it is important to remember that policies only cover predefined medical treatments and some procedures that are available through the NHS will be unavailable through private health insurance coverage.

Added value can be found by tailoring individual private health insurance policies to meet individual requirements. Current and future health concerns should always be considered and consumers are advised to weigh up the following options before committing to a policy purchase:

  • Save money by limiting private health insurance to conditions that cause greater concern. Most insurers offer limited policies that cover heart and cancer related illnesses
  • Consumers living outside London can reduce premiums by limiting the range of private wards and hospitals that they use. Avoiding high-profile hospitals will also help to lower insurance costs
  • The exclusion of unnecessary policy additions, such as physiotherapy and convalescence care, can attract cheaper premiums. A low-cost private health insurance plan should only include consultations and in-patient treatment
  • Always compare private health insurance quotes carefully to find the best combination of cost and treatment coverage. Price comparison websites are excellent resources for reviewing different plans on a side-by-side basis
  • Reduce premiums further by including an excess figure on your private health insurance policy, but always remember that you will incur additional out-of-pocket expenses should you ever require treatment

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