Why Choose Health Insurance Cover?

Why is Health Insurance Cover Necessary?

health insurance coverOne of the most common questions we are asked at Health Quotes Online is why health insurance cover is actually necessary. Most of us take it for granted that the National Health Service (NHS) will be able to provide treatment for us when we fall ill but waiting times continue to grow and resources are already stretched to the limit. What happens if you, or a family member, are unfortunate enough to fall ill and are unable to receive the treatment you deserve as a matter of urgency?

Why Has the NHS Become Ineffective?

National Health Service budgets are now stretched to breaking point and government funding has become more selective as the current grip of recession continues. In addition, people are now living for longer and this puts increased pressure on the NHS as they are treated in later life. As a consequence, the system itself has become clogged with patients who obviously can’t all be seen at once.

Although treatment will eventually be given, some practices and procedures require more urgent consideration but it has become increasingly difficult for the NHS to prioritise individual cases. This leads to a substantial backlog that can sometimes see patients waiting up to 20 weeks for essential treatment.

What does Private Health Insurance Offer?

Health insurance gives policyholders fast access to medical treatment through a wide selection of private centres situated across the United Kingdom. These centres offer superior conditions compared to those available through the National Health Service, although some NHS hospitals do have private wards available for those who purchase health insurance cover.
In many cases, a private health insurance policy will offer treatments and medications that are unavailable through the National Health Service. Patients are also able to experience the benefits of breakthrough drugs and procedures before they are released into the public sector.

How Much Does Private Health Insurance Cost?

Surprisingly, health insurance cover can be incredibly affordable and some policies are available for just £5 per month. When additional family members are added to a policy, the accumulative cost usually falls further and this makes health insurance cover a fantastic option for those who wish to put the medical needs of their loved ones first. This is particularly important for families and most private medical insurance deals offer free accommodation to parents so they can be near children while treatment takes place.

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