What’s Included in a Health Insurance Plan?

If you are still undecided as to whether a health insurance plan will be a worthwhile investment, it might be worth looking at the numerous benefits a policy can provide. Health insurance plans have become more affordable in recent years as providers modify their policies and prices to reach out to a wider consumer audience. Today, a basic health insurance plan can be purchased for as little as £6 per month.

Naturally, a more detailed policy will attract a higher premium, but there is very little reason for even the most cautious consumer to delay in making a suitable health insurance purchase. Although affordability is obviously a factor for families on a tighter budget, it still makes sense to weigh up the benefits of health insurance with the welfare of your loved ones in mind.

Core Cover
All health insurance plans include GP referred consultations to diagnose conditions where the policyholder is an outpatient. Health insurance plans also extend to diagnostic tests such as MRI scans, PET scans and pathology practices so that an accurate diagnosis can be provided in the shortest possible time.

Surgical Cover
Surgical cover is a key component to most health insurance plans, although the amount of coverage provided will usually be based on the premium paid. Typical health insurance plans include diagnostics test and surgery fees where the policyholder is a day patient or inpatient. Full cover is generally provided for accommodation, nursing, theatre costs, drugs and dressings.

A more detailed health insurance plan offers NHS cash benefits of up to £250 per night for each 24-hour period where day patient or inpatient care is received. Typically, this particular benefit is paid for up to 90 days within a single calendar year. In addition, a large number of health insurance plans cover post-operative consultations, accommodation for parents when a child has to stay in hospital, post-operative physiotherapy and oral surgery.

Complementary Therapies
Health insurance plans offer a range of complementary therapies that are usually tailored to suit the needs of the policyholder. Typically, a health insurance plan will include physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture treatments. Cover is usually provided to treat acute ailments, but will rarely be applied to treat ongoing chronic conditions.

Heart and Cancer Treatment
Heart disease and cancer are primary concerns for most consumers who are investigating health insurance plans for the first time. A typical policy will provide up to £50,000 worth of cover throughout the full term for each of these treatments, and will also cover follow-up consultation costs for up to five years.

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