Health Insurance in the UK

health insurance ukHealth insurance in the UK is a separate entity to the healthcare that people are entitled to under the care of the National Health Service (NHS). For the past twenty years, waiting times for NHS care have slowly escalated and it is often the case that vital medical treatments and surgery are continually delayed by the sheer volume of patients using the service.

Health insurance UK gives a genuine healthcare alternative to any resident living within the United Kingdom. After making a successful policy application and paying monthly premiums, policyholders become entitled to a range of treatments and surgical procedures that take place outside of NHS hospitals.

Benefits of UK Health Insurance

Health insurance policyholders have the choice of undergoing treatment using NHS resources or, if they wish to make a claim, the same treatment can be undertaken privately. The biggest benefit under these circumstances is that the policyholder receives priority treatment, without waiting times, under the best possible conditions.

Health insurance providers have access to more than 400 private centres throughout the country and policyholders are entitled to choose from any of them. If access to a preferred treatment centre is unavailable, health insurance UK providers also have immediate access to a selection of private wards within NHS hospitals.

The levels of cleanliness in private treatment centres and wards are usually vastly superior to those that are typically found in NHS alternatives. Because staffing levels are more adequate, additional time is allocated to cleaning, maintenance and sanitising. This significantly reduces the levels of bacteria found in wards and subsequently alienates the growth of deadly strains such as the MRSA virus.

Superior Conditions and Treatment

Private wards are accessible 24 hours per day because visiting times are unrestricted, and this means that patients can have their loved ones nearby at all times. Wards are also fitted with en-suite bathrooms and supplied with external telephone lines and satellite television. This makes any period of incapacity more comfortable for the patient, and parents also have access to nearby accommodation whenever a child within the family is listed on a health insurance UK policy.

Overall levels of treatment are vastly superior and policyholders have access to some of the best consultants and surgeons in the country. In most cases, care is administered by the same consultant throughout the course of treatment and many breakthrough drugs are also available.

Health insurance UK

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