Myths About Private Health Insurance

Making an informed decision on a private health insurance policy purchase can become frustratingly difficult because of the myths that surround the subject. Choosing health insurance based on misinformation not only leaves you open to being insufficiently covered when you need to make a claim, but can also result in over-purchasing and this leads to a higher monthly premium. There are several myths surrounding the health insurance marketplace that many consumers frequently believe.

Health Insurance Companies Don’t Cover Pre-Existing Conditions
Although pre-existing conditions aren’t necessarily covered in other countries, many UK health insurance providers run a moratorium system that won’t incorporate a previous illness within the first two years of a policy purchase, but will reintroduce the condition if there are no reoccurrences within that term.

If a condition has been suffered more than five years previously to a private health insurance policy being purchased and the policyholder has been given a bill of clean health by a doctor, cover for that illness will begin straight away.

Private Health Insurance Covers Every Condition
Although health insurance nearly always extends to cancer and heart-related illnesses, chronic conditions will not be covered in most cases. Many chronic conditions stay with the sufferer for a lifetime and cannot be cured, and treatments are administered to ease symptoms instead of curing them. Typical examples of chronic conditions that won’t be covered by a health insurance policy are asthma, diabetes and the HIV virus.

I Have to Go for a Medical
In some cases, a health insurance provider will ask the applicant to undergo a medical examination and the results of any test will be used by the underwriters to establish the exact conditions that are covered when a policy is issued. However, many UK health insurance companies forego medicals and ask applicants to complete a form instead. Under these circumstances, illnesses are treated on a case-by-case basis. Any conditions that may have started within a five-year period of the policy starting will still be included as long as the provider is happy that the policyholder had no reasonable grounds to expect the illness to materialise.

I Have to Undergo Treatment at a Place of the Provider’s Choice
Most health insurance providers give policyholders an extensive list of private hospitals, private wards in NHS hospitals and treatment centres to choose from. This means the policyholder can nearly always undergo treatment at a location that’s convenient, close to home and near to their family. In some cases, a health insurance provider will have more than 200 different locations to choose from.

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