Health Insurance For Over 50s

As the pressures of working life draw to a close and consumers begin to look toward the golden years of retirement, an over 50 health insurance plan can provide protection, security and comfort. Senior health insurance becomes particularly important for individuals who have enjoyed supplemental health coverage through their place of employment during their working years, and serves as an excellent complement to Government-provided NHS treatment. However, age and gender are two of the biggest factors affecting the cost of health insurance – read more about the factors which affect private health insurance costs.

Extensive waiting lists and Government legislation can significantly delay most types of non-urgent medical treatment, and this can be a serious cause of concern for older patients. As the years pass by, the human body becomes less resistant to the trials and tribulations of everyday life and our immunity systems begin to break down. Over 50’s health insurance provides a viable and affordable alternative to standard NHS treatment that offers a series of direct benefits:

  • 50+ health cover gives policyholders the right to faster treatment response times
  • Senior health insurance offers the choice of private medical treatment in an independent clinic or in the private ward of a NHS hospital
  • Consumers with over 50’s health insurance have more flexibility in choosing where treatment takes place
  • As the years pass by, over 60’s health insurance plans can be used to provide complete peace of mind for policyholders and families alike

For many individuals, minor health problems can seem insignificant during the earlier stages of life. The body often responds well to rest and in most cases of illness, there is little or no need to make appointments for treatment. Somewhat sadly, things change and what might have been a minor ailment in the past can quickly become a source of extreme discomfort as we begin to age. With treatment response times extending every year, the comfort of having an over 50’s health insurance policy in place can prove to be highly effective.

Before obtaining senior health insurance, consumers are advised to talk to former employers to see if they offer coverage options for retired staff. In some cases, former union members can receive free over 60’s health insurance or participation in limited coverage programs that extend to spouses as well. If protection has ended since retirement, the acquisition of a senior health insurance plan should become an immediate priority.

Over 50’s and over 60’s health insurance plans can be purchased through price comparison websites, insurance brokers or standalone companies, and some carriers are particularly adept at dealing with 50+ health cover. Standard Life, AXA PPP Healthcare and Bupa are widely renowned for their excellent senior health insurance programs and offer instant quotes on their independent websites. By the end of 2009, over 7 million UK consumers had purchased private health insurance policies (Laing and Buisson Health and Care Cover UK Market Research) as a means of supplementing standard NHS services, and over 50’s health insurance continues to add significant weight to ongoing industry growth.

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