Private Medical Insurance or PMI

What exactly is PMI cover?
PMI is an abbreviation of private medical insurance. In effect, PMI cover is an insurance policy that provides you with private healthcare should you or any members of your family fall ill.

What’s the difference between NHS treatment and PMI cover?
Everybody has a right to NHS treatment, but waiting times are notoriously long and the standards of healthcare, although good, are often inferior to those supplied by PMI cover. Private medical insurance means you’ll be treated faster, and to a much higher standard.

What makes PMI cover healthcare so much better?
In most cases, your PMI cover provider will have an extensive list of private treatment centres to choose from and many of these will be close to your home. These centres are cleaner, have more staff and frequently employ expert consultants who will deal with your illness at a more personal level.

What if there’s no treatment centres near my home?
Don’t worry. Your PMI cover provider will also have a selection of private wards in NHS hospital available. Your room will include all of the benefits found at a private treatment centre including an en-suite bathroom, satellite television technology and your own telephone.

What will PMI cover protect me against?
Your private medical insurance policy will provide you with effective healthcare for a wide range of illnesses, and will also cover surgical procedures, physiotherapy and most types of aftercare. PMI cover usually includes treatment for critical illnesses such as heart disease or cancer, but these can always be added to a policy if they aren’t already included.

Is there anything PMI cover won’t take care of?
Yes. PMI cover will rarely provide protection for existing illnesses. Incurable conditions such as asthma and diabetes will not be included within the terms of your policy. In recent times, HIV-related illnesses have been written into agreements, but it is always advisable to check the levels of protection offered before a policy is purchased.

What’s the best way to purchase PMI cover?
Health Quotes Online is one of the best online resources for purchasing private medical insurance. We supply free PMI quotes from leading UK insurance companies, which means you’ll have more choice when it comes to comparing policies. All of our PMI quotes are provided free of charge, and we supplement our service by offering expert advice through our telephone helpline and library of informative healthcare articles.

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