Private Medical Care in the UK

If you have never been tempted to purchase a policy yourself, you might be wondering if private medical care UK can make a significant difference to the way you receive treatment compared to healthcare options available through the National Health Service (NHS). Although private medical care UK isn’t necessarily designed to replace NHS treatment completely, it does provide viable options for policyholders and their families when prompt public healthcare is unavailable.

Private Medical Care UK at Private Treatment Centres

In most cases, you will be entitled to private medical care UK at a range of available private treatment centres of your choosing. As well as giving you increased local choice, it also means that there is a possibility of receiving care while being close to family who live in different areas of the country.
If room is unavailable at a private treatment centre, your insurance provider will endeavour to place you within a private ward at a NHS hospital where the same features and benefits, including en-suite bathrooms and telephones, are provided.

Available Care and Treatments

Although policies will vary slightly between insurance providers, there are a number of treatments and procedures that are available to all private medical care UK customers. As well as enjoying the benefits of private centres, policyholders can expect to have access to leading private health care specialists who will administer their expertise throughout the entire course of treatment.

Many consumers believe that treatment for existing conditions will be unavailable when a new policy is taken out but this is not necessarily true. Indeed, many private medical care UK providers will offer qualified healthcare for existing conditions as a standard policy feature although qualifying periods will apply in some cases.

Policyholders can expect access to a full range of surgical and non-surgical treatments including care for cancer. Additional premiums can also be applied so that private medical care UK customers can experience preferential access to fertility treatments and even cosmetic surgery.

Private Health Care for Children

Many families choose to take out private medical care UK as a means of providing superior healthcare for their children. As well as ensuring that the best possible treatments are available to younger family members, parents also have the reassurance of knowing that they will have access to overnight accommodation while their children are being treated.

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