The Future Of Private Health Insurance In The UK

Private health insurance continues to feature prominently in our lives and serves as an excellent alternative to traditional National Health Service treatment. The growth of private health insurance has been meteoric in recent years, and will have an important role to play in the way we receive medical care in the future. To understand just how important that role will be, we need to look at the current National Health Service and the way we receive publicly funded health care.

The NHS – Then and Now

The National Health Service (NHS) was created in 1948 and was structured by the 1946 National Health Service Act. Although the concept of publicly funded health care first arose in 1938, the Medical planning Commission continued to investigate viability throughout the wartime years. Despite post-war austerity in Britain, the NHS was born through these investigations and it continues to serve our health care needs to the present day.

In recent years, population growth and longer life expectancy has increased treatment waiting times and NHS resources are further compromised by poor governmental funding. This has led to more consumers opting for private health insurance as a supplement to traditional NHS care.

Why do People Use Private Health Insurance

It is a common conception that private health insurance is an alternative to National Health Service treatment but this is largely inaccurate. In fact, most health insurance customers only make a policy claim when prompt treatment for a potentially serious illness is unavailable through the NHS. However, privately purchase medical insurance does carry a series of notable benefits.

As well as enjoying faster treatment times, private health insurance policyholders can enjoy superior levels of care in more than 400 treatment centres across the country. Because there are fewer demands on consultants, a patient will usually have the same point of contact from the moment of diagnosis through to the aftercare stage.

Additional Health Care Benefits

If a private health treatment centre is unavailable locally, policyholders can still receive care in a private ward within a NHS hospital and still enjoy a full range of benefits including cleaner conditions, en-suite bathroom facilities, the latest satellite television technology and the use of a personal phone. Visiting hours are unrestricted so family can always be close at hand whenever a private health insurance policyholder is undergoing treatment.

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